Smart Video Doorbell

What Do I Need To Know Before I Buy A Smart Video Doorbell?

Your home is your sanctuary, and a smart video doorbell can help be its guardian. These innovative devices, a key part of modern security systems, offer a range of benefits. They chime when someone presses the button and records who’s visiting when you’re away. With remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere, helping to protect it from intruders or porch pirates. Connected to your Wi-Fi, they provide live footage of your doorstep viewable on your mobile device.

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This article will explore the world of smart video doorbells and their potential to enhance home security. Before making the decision to invest in a smart video doorbell, consider these things.

Smart Video Doorbell

Property Ownership.

Do you own a house, or do you rent? Where you live is also a determining factor in the type of video doorbell system ideal for you. If you own your own house, you have limitless video doorbell options, such as a wired or wireless model compatible with your home security system. If you rent a house, then you need to get consent from the property owner to install a wired camera doorbell. You can opt for a wireless video doorbell for easy installation, as it does not require drilling or electrical wiring. 


Before investing in a smart doorbell, consider its compatibility with your existing home security system, such as window and door sensors. It is also important to determine whether you can connect your smart doorbell to your smart home automation system. Many camera models available are compatible with popular smart assistants, which adds more convenience to your life. 

Please note that wireless video doorbells require a stable network to record and transmit data. Most wireless devices are battery-powered for DIY setup. You need to replace the battery routinely to ensure uninterrupted service. Wireless doorbells are easy to install and offer a wide range of features for enhanced versatility. In contrast, wired doorbell systems must be connected to your home’s electric system to function. One benefit of this is it is more consistent.

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Some of the Features to Consider

Smart Doorbells have a wide range of features. Before you choose a specific model, it is important to determine which features will be useful for you. Below are some important features to consider while investing in a smart doorbell.

  • Alerts and App Support: Smart doorbells come with a designated mobile application. This application sends alerts to your mobile device in case of any unwanted activities and provides you with real-time video footage.
  • Resolution: Resolution is an important feature, as the number of pixels in the video doorbell camera caption determines the quality of the image. Many doorbell cameras come with a maximum resolution of 1080p Full HD. Models with high resolution offer better-quality images.
  • Field Of View: Field view refers to the wide angle that a camera can capture. Models are available with a narrow field view that only captures what is in front of the camera and a landscape view that captures a wide angle, allowing us to monitor a wide area. 
  • Motion Detection: Smart doorbells come with built-in motion detectors that send you alerts in case of any unauthorized movement on your property. Modern motion detectors allow you to set designated areas and avoid false alarms.
  • Night Vision: Night vision allows you to see even in low-light settings, such as at night or during cloudy weather.
  • Real-Time Video Recording: These features allow you to access live video footage. When the doorbell senses any motion, it sends you a notification and allows you to monitor who is at your door.
  • Two-Way Communication: The two-way communication feature allows you to remotely converse with whoever is at your door, whether at home or away. 
  • Recording: Some smart doorbells come with continuous video recording, which allows you to access the recorded footage in case of an intrusion and can be used as evidence.
  • Storage: Many smart doorbells offer cloud data storage. This includes monthly storage fees, but it adds to your convenience.


Two installation options are available for a smart doorbell: professional installation or DIY installation. Many wireless smart doorbells support plug-and-use installation, which is great for DIY setup. But before installing a wireless doorbell camera, you must ensure your Wi-Fi or cellular network works uninterrupted. DIY installation of a wired video doorbell requires knowledge of technicalities and electrical wiring. If you need to become more familiar with these, you should seek professional installation.

Final Thoughts

Smart Doorbells are a great investment for enhancing the safety and security of your home, assets, and loved ones. But the important thing that you must consider is the cost. Some features like continuous recording and cloud storage involve additional monthly charges. You should select a model that fits your budget as well as your requirements. Ultimately, the type of doorbell model you opt for depends on your preference.

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