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As a responsible homeowner, no one needs to tell you why installing a home security system is a good idea. You already know that home security systems can provide you with peace of mind – and, that they often deter criminals from acting in the first place. So regardless of your reasons for seeking out the best home security system possible, look to SafeStreetsUSA for the home alarm installation and ADT Security for the alarm monitoring services you need.

WHY SafeStreetsUSA?

As an ADT authorized company, SafeStreetsUSA can service you with expert alarm installation, and set you up to receive 24/7 monitoring from ADT Security Services. And, when you choose monitoring from ADT Security Services for your alarm, SafeStreetsUSA can offer you a free* home security system, with $99.00 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below. The best home alarm system is equally effective for small business and office settings as well. For your free* home security system, please see the offer above – then, contact us for details.

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We know you have many choices for burglar alarm and services; but as an ADT Authorized Company, SafeStreetsUSA makes ADT monitoring easily available to all home owners.

How does monitoring from ADT Security Services work?

The alarm activation, which occurs when your motion detector senses an intruder or a window/door sensor is tripped, will send a powerful signal to an ADT nationwide monitoring center. Immediately, an ADT agent can contact you and stay in touch until emergency personnel arrives. Of course, your audible alarm will also sound in an attempt to scare the intruder away.

Additional Home Security Options

In addition to carrying some of the best home security systems, SafeStreetsUSA offers products that can greatly enhance your basic wireless security system and services. These options can include products like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alerts, or services like critical condition monitoring that can alert you to both temperature and flood conditions. They also offer medical alert systems for the elderly or infirmed, which are also monitored 24/7 by ADT Security Services. Just as with the home security systems, the medical alert products can be powered by two-way voice communication; that way, direct voice communication with an ADT agent is possible with the touch of a button or a triggered alarm.

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Wireless Home Security Systems – No Landline Required

Also, cellular phone compatible ADT monitoring is now available. Rather than relying on a landline telephone, your security system can operate on a reliable wireless connection. Now, there’s no need to worry about what will happen if you don’t have a landline or your landline is cut by an intruder or interrupted by weather conditions.

Home Alarm Systems Monitoring

As an ADT authorized company, we can offer the peace of mind that comes from monitoring provided by North America’s #1 security provider, ADT Security Services. When you trust SafeStreetsUSA to install your system and facilitate your ADT alarm monitoring contract, they will include Home Alarm Systems.


  • Free keychain remote, for arming and disarming alarms from a distance.
  • Two panic buttons, one on the alarm panel and one that triggers the alarm away from the panel.
  • Free ADT yard sign and window decal, for deterring potential intruders from acting.

Plus, SafeStreetsUSA offers additional incentives that can serve you well for years to come (ask them how to save up to 20% off your homeowners insurance!). With advantages like these, it’s easy to see why SafeStreetsUSA is one of the best home security dealers in the nation.

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