Pros and Cons of Installing Video Doorbells

Pros and Cons of Installing Video Doorbells


With the growing technological advancement, catching up on the latest technology trends is easy. Sometimes, we get so involved in the trend that we must remember to analyze its functionality. Cheap video doorbells are among the devices. Though they are affordable, their quality is still maintained. While purchasing a video doorbell, you should always check its pros and cons. Your video doorbell should help secure your garage in the same manner as it secures your windows and doors. In this blog, we will be discussing the pros and cons of installing video doorbells.

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How Effective Are Cheap Video Doorbells?

Cheap video doorbells don’t mean that their performance will be low quality. You can get a high-quality doorbell camera that helps in securing your property effectively. You may be searching for a functional yet affordable doorbell that does not come with a subscription. An affordable video doorbell offers features like motion sensors and recorders and captures high-definition images.

Pros and Cons of Installing Video Doorbells

Pros of Cheap Video Doorbells

24/7 surveillance: A video doorbell allows you to watch your deliveries and your doorstep even when you are not home. You may be amazed by the amount of activities that can happen near your home on a normal day. You could never have imagined much going on if you weren’t keeping an eye on your doorstep. 

Hassle-Free Installation and Easy Integration: A big attraction of a video doorbell is its easy installation and integration process. If you have a normal doorbell, then by investing in cheap video doorbells, you are upgrading your home security by offering the added benefit of having 24/7 video surveillance. You can use a video doorbell with battery power, but the hardwired ones are more recommended.

Surveillance Zones Customization: As discussed earlier, most property owners need to learn about the activities in front of their property. Most of the activities are harmless, making it important to focus your surveillance on the areas that are more vulnerable to security issues. Most video doorbells allow users to customize their surveillance zone, implying that you can restrict things you don’t want to capture, like kids playing on your sidewalk, etc. Instead, you can be notified of those activities that will affect the safety of your property, like someone walking up to your doorstep, etc. 

Two-Way Communication: Cheap video doorbells are not only about the video. The doorbells allow you to have a conversation with the people outside your doorsteps. This is a big benefit for those who are home and who are not home when you have visitors. If you are on vacation or out for work and want to give the impression that you are at home, a video doorbell helps you do that. Or if you want to ask your delivery person to place your order in a particular place. When you are home and don’t want to open the door or feel secure to open it, you can keep an eye on the visitors and remotely communicate with them via a video doorbell.

Cons of Cheap Video Doorbells

Too much information: Having installed video doorbells can be pretty intriguing. You become skeptical whenever someone walks past your property or rings the doorbell. It is good to be vigilant, but sometimes, too much information can make us worry about even the smallest things.

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Surveillance Range: We have discussed this as a pro in the above section, but this is also amongst the cons if you are going to get the notification for all that is going on outside your home. If you get a customized range of surveillance, intruders may try to exploit the gaps within your range of surveillance to trespass on your property.

Constant Notification: The constant notifications can be maddening at times. A small game of football can result in around 20 notifications. For instance, when the wind blows, or an animal walks by your doorstep, these video doorbells may notify you. You can silence these notifications or adjust the type of active settings, but getting the notification back on may be tricky.

Battery Consideration: There are various ways to install a video doorbell, whether wireless or wired. For wireless options, battery life should be a major consideration. Specifically for residences that do not have hardwired bells installed, a battery doorbell can be a good option. But when your battery dies, charging them can be quite a task. You need to remove them from the wall with the help of screwdrivers and then charge them inside.  

Monthly Subscriptions: The video doorbells are affordable, with many models falling under a budget-friendly range. However, many video doorbell manufacturers charge subscription fees to access the recordings. Thus, you pay a nominal amount for the device, but you must pay a monthly subscription fee to the company to access the recordings.

Final Thoughts

Cheap video doorbells are a smart investment for your property as they help enhance the safety and security of your home, allowing you to keep an eye on your doorstep and porch from anywhere and anytime. Every device has its set of pros and cons. Whether you want to purchase a video doorbell or not should be based on your requirements and needs. However, it is important to consider affordability and functionality when choosing a video doorbell.

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