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How Much Does A Home Security System Cost In 2024?

For many people, home security systems have become essential for helping to enhance their home’s security and the safety of their loved ones. With so many different security system options on the market, it can become tricky for homeowners to choose the ideal one for their property, lifestyle and budget. The average cost of installing a home security system is around  $600, but this number may vary depending on the type of equipment and services you opt for. Basic DIY systems will cost you as low as $200. Meanwhile, a comprehensive, professionally installed system can cost you around $1,200 or more. This guide will discuss the various factors affecting home security system cost to help you make the most informed decision.

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Average Cost of a Home Security System

Whether you want to help enhance the security of your property while you are at home or want to increase the protection of your property while you are away on vacation, it isn’t easy to put a price on your feelings of being safe. A home security system can make all the difference. The average price of a security system often does not include the monthly subscription fees for professional monitoring services. Therefore, it is wise to get quotes from companies when shopping for a security system.

home alarm installation Arizona

Home Security System Cost Breakdown

While many security system providers list the price of their basic home security system packages, calculating the actual cost of a security system is complex because of the additional cost of equipment, monthly subscription fees for professional monitoring, and installation and activation fees. Below, we have shared a detailed breakdown of the cost:


Home security equipment can include surveillance cameras, motion sensors, window sensors, and smart door locks. The average cost of home security equipment can range between $30 and $400.


Many national home security system providers do not charge for professional installation, as these companies generate revenue from their monthly subscription fees. Many security systems are also DIY. If you have to pay installation fees, you can expect them to be between $100 and $400.

Activation Fees

Professionally monitored home security systems often require an activation fee, which can cost you up to  $230 to activate your service.

Monthly Monitoring Services

You can opt for self-monitoring, wherein you monitor your home security system. Since many homeowners do not stay at home 24/7, it is advisable to opt for professional monitoring. Professional monitoring is often an expensive aspect of home security systems. Monitoring refers to home security system companies’ round-the-clock professional monitoring services. When your home’s alarm goes off, the professionals can help mobilize emergency services regardless of where you are home or not or whether you have access to your smartphone.

Professional monitoring services can range from $20 to $60 per month, depending on your desired features and protection. Higher rates are charged for more features, better warranties, and superior-quality equipment. Opting for professional monitoring can help you get a rebate on home insurance premiums of up to 20%.

Smart Home System Features

Many home security systems provide home automation features that you can remotely control using a smartphone, tablet, smart hub, or other smart device. Some of the average prices of smart home appliances that you can expect to pay for are: smart lights $15 to $90, smart locks  $150 to $500, smart alarms $40 to $110, thermostats $130 to $500, and more.

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost by Type?

Different home security systems have certain features. Here’s a breakdown of the costs of some of the most popular types.

Wired Home Security System

Wire security systems typically plugged into an outlet generally cost around $800 to $1,600 to install. Professional installation is crucial to install this system as it involves drilling into the wall and skilled electrical know-how. These systems are difficult to hack and disrupt the services. 

Wireless Home Security System

Wireless home security systems use battery power to operate. The average cost of a wireless system is around $200 to $2,000. The cost may vary depending on the features you choose and the number of surveillance cameras you install around your house. These systems are easier to install and allow you to control the devices using a smartphone. Sometimes, you are required to pay extra money for wireless system connectivity.

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Additional Factors That Increase the Cost Of a Home Security System

Many property owners add security features and services to the basic models security companies provide, increasing the security system’s overall price. 


There are many home security systems companies on the market. The basic home security system cost, monthly subscription fees, installation fees, warranties, and contract terms may vary from one company to another. You should properly research the prices of the different systems, as the prices may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Security system maintenance usually involves, at most, $10 per year for battery replacements. If your device malfunctions or is faulty, most companies will cover it under the product warranty. Many brands offer lifetime warranties if you sign up for professional monitoring services. 

Final Thought

Installing a home security system is a good investment as it helps to increase the protection and security of your property. In this guide, we have discussed the factors affecting the cost of home security systems to help you understand that the cost of the security system largely varies from company to company, so you should do proper research before purchasing one.

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