Home Alarm System Cost

How Much Does a Home Alarm System Cost?

Ensuring the security and safety of your loved ones is a priority. Therefore, investing in a home alarm system can be a good way to achieve greater mental peace. So whether you’re at home or want to protect your home while on vacation, it isn’t easy to put a price on your home’s safety. With so many home security options available, it can be difficult to nail down the exact cost of each security system. This article will discuss the factors that influence the cost of a home alarm system to help you make a well-informed investment decision.

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Home Alarm System Equipment Costs

The equipment cost is the building block of the security system. The equipment you choose accounts for the foundation of your system’s price. The hardware elements of your security system consist of sensors, cameras, control panels, etc., and often come in a kit with a basic price of $200. Let’s check out the breakdown of some of the key elements:

Home Alarm System Cost

Glass Break Alarm:

A glass break alarm is a very important element of home security as it can protect the entry points of your home, like windows and doors. The average cost is around $20-$50 per sensor.

Security Cameras:

While purchasing security cameras, you should consider the resolution, field view, and night vision to match your needs. The average price range of a budget-friendly camera model is under $50, whereas featured-packed high-end models can cost around $500.

Motion Detectors:

The average range of motion detectors is from $20 to $100 or more, depending on features like wireless connectivity and pet activity immunity.

Smoke Detectors:

Smoke detectors are important safety devices, and they often come integrated with your security system’s base unit, but the cost of the standalone model can be around $30-$100.

Now that we have covered the essential elements, let’s check out some of the advanced and additional features that can help in enhancing your home security system:

Video Doorbell:

Now, you can greet your visitors and deter potential threats with the help of video doorbells. Video doorbell models are starting from $50 to $300 or more.

Live Video Monitoring:

Live video monitoring helps you monitor your property remotely. The average cost is around $10-$30 per month.

24/7 Monitoring:

You can get ultimate peace of mind with the help of 24/7 monitoring. Trained personnel will be alerted via alarm triggers in case of any emergency incident at your residence and will take appropriate actions, such as informing the emergency response services. The average cost of professional monitoring can range around  $20-$50 per month.

Home Automation:

A home automation system enables you to integrate many smart home devices, letting you remotely control your lights, appliances, and thermostats. This helps in adding a layer of convenience and control to your home. But you should expect to pay extra for automation features and compatible devices for home automation. The average cost ranges around $2,000 and $6,000.

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Installation Costs:

When you choose a DIY system, your installation cost is zero, as you don’t have to pay anything. But when you hire a professional to install your home security system, they often charge an average of $60 to $150 per hour, depending on the type of system and the amount of work required for the installation process.

Subscription or Monitoring Costs:

If you opt for a professional or centrally monitored home security system, you are likely to pay around $10 to $60 monthly on average. There is a brand that offers annual or monthly subscription fee options for home monitoring services, including cloud storage of footage recorded by your security cameras.

Maintenance Costs:

Most home security systems do not require regular maintenance and repairs. But you may need to change your system’s batteries occasionally and also change the defective components with new ones that can hit your budget, which is outside the product warranty or monitoring plan.

Additional Costs:

With your professionally installed system, you often have to pay an activation fee for the first time when you turn on your system, which usually ranges between $25 and $100. You may also be charged a cancellation fee when you wish to discontinue your central monitoring with your security monitoring company. You may also have to pay an alarm permit fee to local authorities, ranging from around $25 to $100.

Tips for Saving Money

  • Compare the features and prices before making a purchasing decision.
  • Opt for a DIY system to save time and money on installation.
  • Search for bundle packages, as many companies offer discounts on bundle packages.
  • Ask for discounts, as some companies offer discounts to veterans or senior members.

By following these tips, you can save money on your purchase and find the right home alarm system that fits your requirements.

Final Thoughts

There are different home alarm systems with different specifications and features you can choose from per your requirements. The price of each of the systems largely varies depending on the devices and the features offered. So, if you plan to install a home alarm system to help increase your home security, opt for the one best suited to your budget and security goals.

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