Benefits of Installing Smart Locks

Benefits of Installing Smart Locks on Your Property

Smart locks are one of the most essential and oldest components of business and home alarm security systems that can help enhance security. The classic lock and key have been a timeless protection measure, providing adequate security. But when it comes to allowing and controlling access to your home, something other than the classic lock and key might work in your favor. Keys can be stolen, copied, or lost. You can even get locked out yourself if you forget the keys. Traditional locks can be forced open or picked even with your door locked, which can be compromised without your knowledge.

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With the advancement in automation and smart security technologies, smart door locks have been upgraded to improve home alarm security while making your life easier. This blog will discuss the advantages of smart door locks and how they enhance home automation and home security platforms.

Benefits of Installing Smart Locks

Benefits of Smart Locks

In the technologically advanced era, where everything is keyless, and all systems are smart, smart locks offer remote and keyless property control. Some locks are key components of home automation. 

Easy Access: Installing smart locks on your home’s main door will free you from the hassle of finding keys in your pockets and bags to unlock the door and enter your home. You can enter your home by entering the code from the number panel or using your biometrics or mobile device to unlock your door. Some smart locks come with proximity detectors, which enable the door to unlock when you approach it. Smart locks are a great choice for people with mobility problems, like elders with Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, or arthritic conditions.

Get Alerts and Notifications: Adding a smart lock to your property helps you receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device about any movement on your door. These alerts include when your door is open, who opened it, or if someone is trying to unlock it by entering the wrong code. This enables you to monitor who enters or leaves your house or when your kids return home from school or college.

Remote Access: Smart locks enable you to lock your doors if you forget to lock them while leaving the house. They also allow you to unlock the doors to let someone enter your house even when you are away for work or on vacation. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors with the help of your mobile phone. With remote access, you don’t need to share any physical key with the delivery person, maid, or contractor. Instead, you can just unlock the door when they arrive and lock it when they leave.

Virtual Keys: If you face the issue of your guests arriving in your absence and having to spend a lot of time waiting for you outside your home, then smart locks help you solve this problem by creating virtual keys that you can share with your guest or any visitor’s phone so they can unlock the door and enter. This is handy if you have housekeepers, dog walkers who need to get into your home to take your dog for a walk, friends, and even family members who arrive while you are away from home or arriving late.

Improved Home Security: There are instances where you have been locked out of your house. For many homeowners, this means you must provide your neighbor a duplicate key, or you might end up hiding keys under the mat or mailbox or even inside the flower pot to ensure you are not locked out again. Giving out a duplicate key to your neighbor or hiding your duplicate key in your yard or under the mats can increase the chances of theft or burglary if someone steals your keys and decides to trespass on your house. Installing a smart lock helps you improve the security of your home. You are no longer required to hide or share your keys with your neighbors or relatives. This also ensures that your door lock is hard to pick, as smart locks do not have any visible keyholes.

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Home Automation: If a smart system is installed, smart locks can help you control other aspects of your house. For instance, unlocking your main door can help trigger the smart lights, which will be turned on. The home temperature can increase or decrease accordingly, and the alarm system can turn off. If you leave for work or vacation, locking your door will automatically turn on the security system and cameras.

Keep Checking on Your Home While You Are Away for a Vacation or Monitor Your Vacation House

With a smart lock, you can track who opens the door and who’s been in your house. This is especially true if you have other smart home features, like cameras and smart appliances. You can also ensure that any hired help locks the doors on their way out. If you have people visiting your home while you are out of town or you have a vacation home that you use less often or rent, you can keep track of what’s happening. This is helpful if you have people visiting you to help you, like a maid, dog walker, maintenance person, or gardener.

Final Thoughts

Smart locks can be a great investment in improving the safety and security of your home. They not only enhance security but also make life more convenient, as you don’t have to worry about your keys getting lost. With these smart locks, you can remotely access your main doors and open and close them easily.

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