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Home Security in Dallas, Texas
During the housing boom of the early 2000s, many residents of Dallas and its surrounding suburbs installed home alarm systems to protect themselves, their families and their valuables. In fact, roughly 53% of Dallas residents reportedly have a security system installed in their homes.
When you consider that the total population of Dallas is 1,197,816 (as of the 2010 census), that amounts to tens of thousands who are proud security system owners. What’s more, over 30% reported that the system has actively prevented a crime. That’s a pretty impressive statistic!
Recently, 83% of Dallas residents considered crime an important factor in their choice of a place to live. No wonder so many have opted to have a monitored alarm installed in the home. Homeowners and law enforcement universally agree: Monitored home security systems, which are watched over 24/7 by a central station monitoring center so that law enforcement can be contacted the second the alarm signal is activated, can help deter criminals and homeowners feel safer and more secure.
What is Included in a Home Security System?
A home security system is so much more than an alarm. A complete system, when provided by a reputable company, will include the following components:
  • Control panel (wired or wireless) with illuminated keypad and display
  • Several door contacts and window contacts with motion detection
  • A pet motion detector, so that pets will not set off the alarm
  • A high decibel siren, to scare off intruders the moment the alarm signal is activated
  • A keychain remote so homeowners can arm and disarm before entering the house
And most importantly, the package will include 24/7 alarm monitoring service so that the police will be contacted by trained operators. In many cases, a monitored alarm ensures that the homeowner does not need to call 911. When the alarm goes off, the monitoring center operator calls the owner to ask what is needed. He or she can quickly evaluate the situation and send police when appropriate.
To learn more about this rock solid home security service in Dallas, utilize the contact form above to receive a call from a friendly home security professional. We will be glad to provide you a free risk assessment at your home.