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  1. A Complete Home Security System

    *Wirelesscontrol panel
    *Large Illuminated Keypad Display
    *Door Contacts and Motion Detector
    *Pet motion detector
    *High decibel siren
    *1 keychain remote that arms and disarms

  2. Free security system activation to ADT's  24/7 monitoring centers and registration with your local police and fire departments
  3. Free keychain remote, allowing you to arm and disarm your home alarm system from a distance.
Choose ADT, America's #1 company for homealarm security system monitoring
  • Founded over 100 years ago
  • Free risk assessment
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • User-friendly arm, disarm, and status buttons
  • Keychain remote
  • Back-up power
  • Save up to 20% on homeowners insurance
  • All residential equipment comes with a product warranty.

Homeowners Rely on Wireless Home Alarms in Tucson, AZ

Examining the Criminal Activity in Tucson

Besides the basic geographical and climate information, it is always good to play close attention to the safety and criminal factors of a city you are planning to move to. If that city is Tuscon, there’s good news: Studies have confirmed that Tucson, Arizona is safer than close to 5% of other major cities throughout the United States. There are approximately 3,500 violent crimes and close to 30,000 property crimes that are committed each year in Tucson; this is markedly lower than the crime figures of other major metropolitan cities. And, when weighing those stats against the population of Tuscon, it averages out to about 6.64 violent crimes and 55.53 property crimes per 1,000 residents annually.

Help Keep Your Family Safer and More Secure

But despite this impressive data regarding crime in Tucson, it is still worthwhile to focus on the importance of helping to keep your family secure while living there. Investing in  home security in Tucson is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make, regardless of the size of their home or even the size of their family. Round-the-clock alarm system monitoring that comes with most Tucson home security packages can help to keep you, your home and your family more secure.

Even though no one truly wants to think too much about the possibility of being victimized by some sort of criminal activity within their home, it is still something that should be taken seriously. Exploring the products and services of the various wireless home security companies in Tucson will put you in the right direction towards helping to keep your home, your possessions and more importantly, your family safer.

Little-Known Facts and Climate Information

On the list of the largest cities throughout the United States, you find Tucson, Arizona located in the 33rd slot since it has an estimated total of population close to 990,000 in its entire metropolitan area. If you have ever been to Tucson before, whether for a temporary vacation stay or a permanent residence, then you know just how beautiful this amazing metropolitan oasis in the desert can be.

Tucson is widely known for its desert climate, having two major seasons during the year – summer and winter. Residents of Tucson are well aware of the fact that summers are normally uncomfortably hot, reaching well over 100 degrees in the dead of summer; in fact, it seems to stay that hot throughout the first part of October, normally only cooling down by one of the many rainstorms that occurs frequently throughout the year. How does this apply to purchasing wireless home alarms?

When it comes to alarm systems in Tuscon, adding on extra features such as heat and flood detection may be valuable; these features can help your system act as a protective tool against the natural elements.

Learn More About Home Security Systems in Tuscon

While there is so much to enjoy and appreciate in Tucson, the peace of mind afforded by investing in a reliable home security system can make your experience of this wonderful city all the more pleasant and relaxing. Give us a call today to take advantage of our free security consultation and to discuss your security goals. We are here to help you find the best security plan to meet your needs at a price that fits your budget.